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I'm Akiba-Eyo

I’m a certified drilling Engineer, an Entrepreneur, a trainer, and speaker. Most importantly I’m a champion of young adults seeking unshakeable confidence, getting clarity to become an authentic & fulfilled leader in their life, business or career and play really BIG.

Today, I have the privilege of supporting young male and female with high achievers mentality to shine their Light, build new habits in order to reach higher self and make a real difference in their lives, careers & businesses. This is my mission and I truly enjoy it!

The transitioning...

While working for an Oil & Gas company in Nigeria as a Drilling Engineer, leading & working with teams of people became my delight, I experienced people from all works of life and little did i know that as I advanced in my career journey, my personal development suffered a bit. I was raking in the big cheques but deep within me, I knew there was more to me. I could still hear that leadership roar within seeking for expression.

So after must pondering on the road travelled by me, I decided to be intentional with my gift. I saw my passion grow from not just career wise but Life in general. I intentionally sought platforms to harness my gift and today i look back with such joy.


I provide interactive trainings and workshops designed to build leadership, personal and professional development skills for youths who want to get out of their comfort zone, communicate more effectively, build their confidence, get rid of limiting beliefs, build new habits in order to play BIG in life. 

Participation in my training will provide you with tools to increase the quality of your life and the effectiveness of your choices in business or career!

Training Portfolio

  • Self Leadership
  • Self-confidence
  • Goal Execution
  • Assertiveness
  • Talent Discovery
  • Habit Moulding
  • Personal Values
  • Inner Power
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