Home and the sojourners

We all have our various definition of Home. To some its a gathering of people to whom they share common blood ties, to others its a collection of thoughts (good or bad) that have formed the varied fibre of how they view the world, but very few have dared to redefine how it ought to be regardless of what was handed over to them. In Africa, the home may refer to as a traditional birthplace where culture & custom thrives. 

It holds the root that houses the identity of a Black Man, that where ever this African finds himself in the world, the first thing he does is to lookout for his kind (Fellow African).

To him, there is safety in the same skin colour which is true to some extent, that sometimes he fails to identify that as Human (Black or white) we are only on earth for a short period of time as sojourners.

What will it sound like the next time you (An African) meet a Portuguese and explain to him the beautiful culture of the Yorubas & the legendary artwork of the Edo people while being open to learn how to speak Portuguese & someday try their food.

Home is not a physical place just where you are from (Which could be miles away) as a person. Home is the Values you where thought to use to navigate your world. How you relate with people speaks volume of your home.

When an African child stand up to oppose his elders, he is likened to someone who lacks home training, Why? because it is expected that one’s usefulness in the society should come from their home, but too often so are their ideologies. Ideologies itself are good but must be carefully analysed according to context.

That same African child who was labelled as one who lacks home training for opposing his elder can be viewed differently in Europe as a young lad exercising his confident gene. In no distant time, that same child will grow to become a Confident Man addressing Parliament & opposing Government policies while at the same time not much would be said about African descent.

As sojourners especially we from the 3rd world African Continent its time we redefine what ideologies we have held onto for years while giving room for CIVILIZATION.

Civilization is not the overshadowing of our ideologies or cultural norms but rather they offer new ways an individual ought to interact with his world, how he chooses to expand his empire across the map (the world), advance his culture (where he/she is coming from), and compete against history’s greatest names.

This and many more should constitute what a person trying to build a home should look like…
…..Talk to you soon

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