We may be miles apart, but I feel the racing of your heart over the distant shores of the seas as I cross continents. I meet you in my mind and speak of you in the whisper of my thoughts. It may be several months or years we may have seen each other, but we are here now and no second seems to have been lost. All the years reduce to nothingness the moment we meet. We talk endlessly without strife or struggle. No sentiment of anger or frustration is displayed because the shared moment is a chord that binds our closeness.

We are friends, guided by a secret code we unlock in each other’s presence not caring if the years have gone by or the sad experiences of life have attempted to destroy the communication bind. We laugh with such honesty only found in the purity of our thoughts and expressions.

I have known you for half a decade, yet it seems like I have known you all my life. You sense my thoughts, you react to meet the demands of my need. You comfort at the instance you sense any discomfort I feel when the hails of life’s experiences hit hard. You don’t stop there, you take me to an enclave beyond my imagination where all the weight of burdensome thoughts is whisked away, and I am left light as a feather yet strong as a lion to face the world again.

You are my friend! I don’t wish more than to be in the same position to lighten your cares and fill the void created by negative influences that distract the course of life you may have been guided by. When you strengthen me, I strengthen you with an affirmation of the depth of your care and the unbridled expression of your honesty. Your honesty may come as blows to my ego, but I know it is only because you care you are forthright with your feedback. I can only appreciate your kindness, I can only appreciate your presence and embrace your absence because even though you may be miles apart, I know you very close to my heart because you are my friend…

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