“When you were born, I could only see the many ribbons wrapped around you! You are just a gift” said Martha’s Mother – Evelyn to her child over the phone several miles away. The sound in her voice expressed so much gratitude for her daughter’s recent accomplishment. It all started when Martha a renowned medical doctor invited her mother over for her book launch in West Africa from the United States. This was her first book launch and was already being announced as a success with record online sales both locally and internationally. There was positive feedback on the book reviews by magazine houses and book critics while readers were excited about the style and content of the book.

This accomplishment was no surprise to Martha’s mother. Evelyn and Martha had an envied mother daughter relationship. From the time Martha could speak at the age of two, she was always telling stories, memorizing poems, singing in the choir and playing lead roles in drama clubs at school while making excellent grades in her science subjects. She was so gifted. She had a curious mind at her early stages in life and embraced learning.

The arts were just her space to express herself coupled with her love for language where she learned French. But despite this flair, Martha was well focused, and success driven and chose the medical field where she could care for people while proffering solutions to the many ailments that could arise. She chose pediatrics, so she could care for the infants who could not speak for themselves. Her success was well known by parents of infants who saw their babies recover from terminal ailments.

As I sat across the table with Martha who was now recounting her mother’s comments and enthusiasm over the phone, I could not help but affirm comments made by John C. Maxwell in his book ‘Talent is not Enough’. In his book he makes clear some foundations which are required for our engrained talents to be nurtured for growth and expression. Martha had demonstrated a few which I commend her for. We had been friends from high school and she brought a lot of humility to her learning.

Whether we were in piano classes or science classes where she proved that “the only enemy to learning is knowing” as stated in John C. Maxwell’s book. For each topic she was in class or practical sessions with, she always went back write down questions to ask the teacher to ensure she has sufficient understanding of the subject while respecting his knowledge, while her knowledge was firmed up with her commitment to study and constant research.

When she shared her desire to write a` book two years ago, I almost choked with shock wandering how she could accomplish this mean feat. But as a winner, Martha knew she still had so much to learn despite her childhood flair for writing and the arts compared to her status as a medical practitioner. She believed in herself and this was also an attitude she developed as a child she was a person who put no limit on what she could achieve.

From Martha’s achievement as I sat across her having lunch in the comfort of a recently opened Chinese restaurant holding my chopsticks, I can only say according to John C. Maxwell that “There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who want to get things done and those who don’t want to make mistakes. Martha belongs to the first group…which group do you belong to? Where do you want to be? You can surely get there!

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