In my search for what true leadership is, I have observed certain persons in business, government, church and the energy industry. I have watched certain traits and watched certain attitudes and observed their goals, aspirations and relationships. I have formed certain opinions but are my opinions valid, not sure. But one thing I am sure of is that they are ‘followed’ and are willing to be ‘listened to’. So, what is it that the corporate, business, religious or government describe or accrediting as leadership?

Why are some employees selected as leaders and others as not leadership material? A joke to some who feel or perceive leadership as too much trouble. But in its true sense, leadership is a way of life. A kind of persona that we have as humans. It is something we possess in our DNA. We are not separated from leadership. It is engrained in us.

From the time a fetus is conceived it must feed to grow and develop to form. The carrier, the mother is a leader in herself as she provides the vessel to enable the procreation process to come to fruition. Then there is the Father, who charts the course for the future of this nuclear family. He has pride in this accomplishment and this is the start of his leadership. But where is this chain broken? Where is this so-called chain of responsibility broken and the leader in the child, mother and Father broken? How does this relate to society?

Qualities or behaviours are let go and disillusions set in us. The sense of self, of who we really are I eliminated, and we separate leadership from who we really are. The point where we separate who we are, our makeup and our responsibilities to ourselves and separate what we owe ourselves to what we owe others is the point we lose traction and though looking at the leader in the mirror, we make ourselves a counterfeit, we defraud our DNA and shift the person of ‘leader’ to follower. The moment we shift our responsibility to ourselves and our posterity is the moment we draw the carpet from feet and become ‘followers’, giving audience to the demands of those who have managed to not separate the man in the mirror.

This day, I see it is not just the walk, the talk, the confidence, the relationship model or management approval that is critical for leadership selection. But it is when we take up our mantles, walk in that confidence and speak with that voice that is only ours that our leadership remains our DNA.

So are you a leader? Or do you see others as the ‘leaders’ and you are just meant to ‘fall in line’?

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