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About Us


I  decided to complete an education in coaching and training, to be able to support people in their personal and professional development. And fast forward to today, I’ve coached female professionals at all company levels, entrepreneurs, consultants, and coaches. I conducted training on communication, assertiveness, goal setting, self-confidence, values  &talents, and motivation both for individuals and non-profit organizations in the Nigeria. 

I have to admit: I'm such a lucky woman! In the midst of a really busy life - business, a household with family - I find time to do what I love –speaking, impacting, personal development reading, enjoying SPA and drinking a glass of Cold coffee with some good friends!
Effiowan Akiba-Eyo

If you feel you are playing small but you can bring much more to the table and you are ready to create a new way of working and living, I am here to help you sharpen your focus and become a leader with more purpose and more authenticity. I’ve been there too, I made lots of mistakes but I learned one extremely important thing: It’s all about being in alignment with your desires, showing up for yourself so that this skilled, talented, and valuable woman or an (just like you!) can be finally seen and LEAD fearlessly!

Between Your Ears is a Platform that seeks to enlighten how best an individual ought to tackle his or her day. Words are powerful so also are the effect they have in our lives. Words serve as a seed that helps to determine the course of one’s life. At Between Your Ears, we are intentional about our approach towards the words we use wgich in turn determines the height of our Greatness.

From creation, we know that everything began with Spoken words which sprang out from conceived words. But before words are conceived and given life to (i.e to speak forth) it must first exist in the soulish realm. At Between Your Ears, we help connect these three (3) realms. We use our good ordained gift to channel our inward drive towards attaining our highest self in whatever field/endeavors we so desire. Between Your Ears is a Platform that awakens one’s latent potential in this modern era.

You are welcome as we journey together towards greatness.

Effioywan Akiba-eyo
Team Lead

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